about me.


Everything below started  when i was dropped out of the School.

Started learning HTML, ASP, MSSQL, Oracle, 3DMax, Maya, Motion Capturing, Avid Editing, and Networking for Data Centers at the age of 15 to 17

Designed my first HTML website at the age of 15. Went on to win several Web Design competitions there on.

Started freelancing under the brand name ” HeartBeatz” in 2000 when i was studying 11th std. Developed dynamic Web Portals using ASP which was a niche area then. Worked towards advising several corporates on essential Web Frameworks and Security.

Then Started my Own company under the brand name “Diginet” in Feb 2002, then renamed to Afxisi “means Growth in Greek” in Nov 2006 and Registered as a Pvt Ltd company and Incorporated in MI, USA as Afxisi USA LLC in Aug 2008