Children now a days

i’ve been observing the school going kids lately

Behaviour & Habits

This happened on Sunday evening, kids ranging from 6th to 10th std playing cricket in front of our home and using profanity words on each other for not playing well, i called those boys and told them that i’ll take this matter to your parents if i hear these kind of words again.

When we were kids, we used to play on the same street but never used any foul language against each other, where do now a days kids learn these kind of stuffs? TV? Internet? or Society?

The small shops around the school selling cigarets and some kind of tobacco powder that they place it under their lips, yes its shocking boys ranging from 9th to 12th std uses it, once i asked the shopkeeper on selling these stuffs to the school kids, she said “if i didn’t give some other shop will supply”. don’t these shopkeeper have their own responsibility, will they give these stuff to their own child ? or they expect the government to come and see these things?


Children are no longer walking or riding their bicycles to school; they’re being carried to school or they’re driving themselves,
I see lot of kids using motor cycles now a days, even though they don’t have a driving licence nor at the right age to get one,

I notice two things
1) 3 out of 5 children driving motor cycles are obese.
2) girls out number the boys owning a motor cycle

Kids eat lot of junk foods and also eat what ever fancy shown on TV like kurkure, lays & lots more.

I went to KFC on a saturday afternoon which is located rite in-front of a popular school in t.nagar, surprised to see lot students in KFC few accompanied by their parents, its not healthy for the kids to get exposed to the junk foods at this young age. whom to blame this on? Parents? Friends? TV? Society?

I also notice few parents celebrating their kids birthday in some junk food restaurants, to show the status? oh come on your risking your own kid and others kids health.

Kids are like mirrors they show what is shown to them, let us show good things and be positive,
our children will follow it.


Two shameful incident accord involving so called juvenile

1. Delhi gangrape-cum-murder most horrendous

2. Yet another juvenile involved in gang-rape in Delhi 

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