Difference between literate and illiterate

IMG_5931A small story I heard.

Few college students wanted to do some survey about cow grinding the sesame, so they headed to a near by village.

They saw an old man setting up the cow on the track to grind the oil from sesame. After watching the cow for a while the old man went to his hut for his breakfast. Meanwhile one of them headed to the hut and asked the old man “you left the cow without supervision, won’t it stop circling?”

The old man : ” do you see the bell around the cows neck, that will notify me when it stops.”

Student : ” how can you say the cow is moving, what if it stands in one place and keep shaking its head?”

The old man looked deep into his eyes and asked “do you go to college?”

Student : huh?

Old man said ” glad that I didn’t send my cows to college ”

Doesn’t this make us think………………?

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