Hurting 2 young Girls feeling by not keeping their word

Kumudam_Welcomes_UI’ve been running ModelsOnly from 2007, for the past one year my younger sister is heading it after completing her engineering.

This happened on Oct 2012.

We got a call from Kumadum asking for a South Indian model for their cover page and they are not willing to pay, since it would help our model we accepted it . We searched the models in our database whom have done a portfolio with the half saree or full saree, we found a model and sent her pic to the Kumadum , it got published on Dec 2012.

They also asked few more pic like that, we in turn said we will do a photoshoot according to your requirement if you want, they told us the requirement and also said they will not pay us for this but will do an article on my sister & ModelsOnly. We said fine and went ahead to do the shoot, so that we will be getting some coverage.

We convinced the female model to do this photoshoot for free so that she will be on the cover page and this will be good for her modelling career too.

My sister finished the shoot on time and gave it to them, they also told the photos has come out really well, she also gave her interview for the article.

Here comes the twist

The photo of the model and my sisters interview hasn’t published yet it has been more than 8 months, they keep saying the photographers inside the press are not allowing to publish and the group editor is doing some politics.

We have nothing to loose except the rent for the studio.

The word Kumadum gave us that the model will be coming on the cover page and the word they gave to my sister that her interview will be published has been vanished.

They have hurt these 2 young girls feeling who are trying to outstand in the society.


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