Justdial experience

At bizsol we have registered with justdial for the keywords ERP & CRM, 4 months ago.

We started getting calls from few of them saying I’ve customer who is looking for a CRM solution and whether we will be interested to give commission if they redirect to us. We are like sure YES!

We also get calls for job requirement, still the call rate was higher on the commission side.

It has been 2 months we have not closed a single sale from justdial, I’ve started my small research and found that anyone can register with Justdial, even if they don’t develop the product nor a direct distributor for any product, yet they occupy almost every keyword related to computers.

E.g: if a web designing company has taken a higher package and also listed in ERP & CRM keywords, although there is less enquiry for our category, they are listed on top and the enquiries go to them. Since they are not into this business they use google or other medium to find a real company who has ERP/CRM product and cut a deal with them.

When I contacted them to cancel our service, asked them why should I pay to justdial and commission to another person for the same set of leads? Their solution to this “go for higher package!”.

We are already spending for google and facebook ads which is giving really good response.

So I didn’t take up the higher package nor continue with the old one. Justdial stopped our service but still we get calls from the people who has registered in our category.

Conclusion: There is lot of opportunity to tap in this method by investing 20k per year, redirect the leads to a real company, earn commission.

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