Data decaying?

ok this just flashed on my mind, when we recharge a perpaid mobile for some amount it’s fully utilized on talk time even after months, why not the same rule for the prepaid data cards? Without completing 1GB or 5GB it gets expired after 30 days, is the data decaying?

the pain

One of my fav client but never met in person, everytime i call or get a call from this person i hear a great enthusiastic voice greeting me “Hi Amar How are you?” that’s when i think this is more than a business call with some personal touch that boosts my energy.

Few min back got call from that person about dissolving their company, that was really shocking  and sad.

how can this happen to a person like this?
sure some great news is awaiting for them in near future that will make them forget this pain.



Knowing when you have made a mistake

Ive heard it said that its not making a mistake thats the issue, its not learning from it!

What must come before that stage though is realising that you have made a mistake and putting your hand up and accepting the blame. Once you have done this then you can move forward.

I have realised this week that I have made the same mistake once again. Ever guilty of over ambition and taking on too much, I have come to the conclusion that it has to stop.

Speading yourself too thin means that in actual fact nothing gets the benefit of your full time attention or the rewards that concentrating on one goal will ultimately bring.

There comes a time when all men must admit they are wrong, and once that’s admitted, learn from their mistake and move on!

Creative Problem Solving

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The Startups in India

The Startup founders in other countries either leave their studies or job to form their own company.

Where as in India I can see very few of them doing like it, the large crowd are working in other companies and focusing on there startup only on weekends by that they think its not risk but they are risking there own company, I don’t think that will work.

Nothing works without taking risk.

Is Seeing Believing?

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