shocked about the cab drivers talk

I went to pickup my dad from the airport, i reached there on time but the flight was delayed an hour, don’t know what to do i was roaming around the airport with the coffee.

I was standing at the arrival exit and checking the twitter streams on my phone, i was surrounded by the cab drivers both from the travels and the hotel owned cabs dressed neatly, i heard few filthy words that caught my attention and started eavesdropping what they are up to.

I was shocked to hear those guys talking vulgar about the guests travelled on their cabs, one guy even confessed he used dirty words in tamil with a smile against few foreigners when he gets irritated with them. these guys are networked really well knows each other and lot of whereabout updates of other drivers are happening at the airport.

This leads to the next level crime we hear about the cab drivers. Maybe the owners of these cabs should conduct self development classes to these guys.

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