Story behind bizsol


In 2008 I got a project from a US company to develop a Web based CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  similar to sugarCRM

though the budget was not big enough to deploy few experienced people, we went ahead and deployed a team of 4 in that 3 are freshers and 1 about 6 months experience with

I know that’s the worst decision I took on that period

We got a free account from sugarCRM for the team to copy the workflow, after few days I came to know that they can’t even copy it correctly, but still I gave them 2 months time, I spent my entire day with them to follow the workflow, still they are not able to do it.

3rd month I returned the advance to the client, yet I didn’t tell this to the team I wanted them to learn from this project, the so called project went on for another 3months with lot of bugs.

I felt the team started to loose hope in them, so I stopped the project and moved them to another but still I haven’t made any money out of them, I was forced to delay the salary and few months later I was unable to pay them for the next 2 months, later the team members left one by one. Though the project didn’t get out of my head I desperately wanted to do a CRM.

After 2yrs I got the time to think about developing a CRM, I started to collect the issues with the current CRM users and contacting few companies why they are not using a CRM, that gave me an awesome concept of developing a new type of CRM that is affordable to the SMB’s (Small and Medium Businesses’s)

2010 was a major turning point for my company, we entirely came out of microsoft proprietary language and moved to open source.

I started looking for a rockstar programmer to make my dream come true, I started interviewing quite a lot of candidates on some open source platform, I found few best candidates but they were expensive. Since this project is going to be fully funded by me, I can’t afford high salaries for the programmers, if at all i hire them our main motive of developing the CRM for SMB’s (Small and Medium Businesses’s) will be destroyed.

When I was in the process of finding the programmers within my budget, one of our property in madurai was getting vacated by the tenant, then I was struck by the idea of opening an office at madurai for this project.

I felt there are more advantages in this decision, then i started to find freshers and experienced located in madurai, my main criteria was the candidate should stay with their family so that they will not leave madurai, in this process I found only few are like that, some asked to place them in our chennai office.

I did’t discuss anything about the CRM project, I selected 8 of them combination of 5 programmers and 3 designers.
I gave them small projects to start with, after a month and a half I was left over with 3 programmers.

With 3 of them in hand I started my dream project and named it bizsol as you can guess the name has been derived from Business Solution on feb 2011, one more developer was sent away after starting bizsol, I was left with 2, one of them will guide the other it went on like this for almost 10 months and we have completed about 30% of bizsol.

One more left by Dec 2011.

Rahamathdulla the one and only rockstar programmer in hand who can code, maintain the DB and handle CSS, bizsol is going steady without loosing any focus!

We are entering 2012, going to hit our first anniversary of bizsol dev in a month

We also had some set backs by the end of 2011, Rahamathdulla beloved elder brother passed away in an accident, he was depressed and was on leave for about 2 months, later on he understood the responsibility to take care of his parents and started recovering from the most tragic thing happened to his family.

Now we are in 2013, next month we are going to hit our 2nd year of bizsol development, and YES! we have completed bizsol we are testing it very vigorously.


That’s the story behind bizsol, it’s another turning point in my life, I’m very great full to my mom who is the main reason for who i am now,

Dad who believed and helped me financially when i was in need also giving me 3,000 sq.ft. of madurai property surrounded by 12 huge trees, a great place to work and stay,

My younger Sister who took care of my other companies to run smoothly when i was fully occupied with bizsol,

I thoroughly enjoined this journey of developing bizsol, now we are in the process of launching it, feeling very happy and thrilled!

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