Whatsapp effect

YES it is fun to catch up with our old friends, I’ve been added into 4 school groups, leading into late night chats some goes upto 1-2am also.  the topic starts with the current status of each other and goes on to gossips from school days.

How far is the late night chats affecting our very next morning productivity.

i’m an early to bed and early to raise person, fell into this trap for about 2 months that made me wakeup with the burning eyes. and pulling me away from achieving my day to day goals. then decided to catch up with my old schedule of going to bed by 9pm, max before 10pm and wakeup by 4am.

I noticed few of our employee performance begin to slide bit by bit since the whatsapp group slowly started spreading to others as well, then i started noting down their last seen status in whatsapp for a month starting from Nov 2014.

Since i wake up by 4am i was able to note the last seen status when they went to bed and that was shocking the timing was starting from 11pm, 12am, 1am, the most stunning was it went even to 2am – 3am. i’ll also check it again by 7am-7.30am to see when they got-up.

How can one sleep between 1am-3am everyday and wake up in the morning get ready and go to work and help the company to generate more revenue? they will be like zombies working from 10am to 6pm.

Maybe after reading this post our employees will avoid late night chats or they will block me from seeing their last seen status.

Employees are the pillar of each and every company, kindly don’t get distracted, focus on the work, that will help grow you and the company.

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